eCommerce ServicesWhat Is eCommerce?

eCommerce, simply put, is the process of buying and selling things over the Internet. To create an eCommerce system (online store) one must have several components in place:

  • an online product catalog
  • a payment page
  • linkage from the payment page to a Transaction Processor
  • a secure certificate (to encode credit card information)
  • a merchant account
  • a bank account to receive the funds

Confused about eCommerce?

Anyone shopping for solutions to their eCommerce system will find many companies offering all sorts of deals. There are some that look cheap and easy, others look expensive and complicated. All in all, most business owners find it confusing.

Experience has taught us, here at Profit Gate, that eCommerce must be done in certain ways in order to be successful. The fact is, eCommerce is very complex and inherently risky – yet very lucrative when done correctly.

To minimize the risks, and maximize your profits, you need an eCommerce expert at your side. Profit Gate has been helping its clients with eCommerce websites for over 15 years. Let us set up your online store the way you envision it.

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